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Contract manufacturing of industrial steel components and mechanical assemblies.

Industrial steel components

We are the most competitive when it comes to production of drawing items according to customer's specifications, which usually include welding, machining and painting processes, usually in small-medium sized batches.

The uniqueness of Aumeta comes from its versatile manufacturing capabilities. Instead of focusing on either welding or machining, we invest our resources info flexibility of our capabilities which ensures cost-saving, more reliability over quality and most importantly, shortens the lead time.

Welded structures up to 5 tons in weight
Machined structures up to 4200x2100x1100 mm (milling)
Machined turning components up to Ø1000 x 5000 mm
Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics
Milling and turning, nominal batch size of 1 ~ 500 pcs.
Machining on 3 or 4 axis machines, Hartford, Haas, Doosan
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Mechanical assemblies

Combining all of our production possibilities and capacity, we are also capable of assemblying all these manufactured items into fully-working machines or mechanical sub-assemblies.

We understand how important the final step of assembly is and fully acknowledge that a very high level of trust must be in place. We earn that trust by fluent and uncompromising communication, constant status updates, inspection reports and leave as little room for the "unknowns" as possible.

The best proof that it is indeed possible is the fact that we are already providing this service and this area is growing quickly.

Complete assemblies up to 5 tons in weight
Assemblies up to 8000 x 3000 x 2000 mm in size
Purchasing of standard components
Delivered semi-assembled or fully assembled
Testing and inspection according to documentation
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Industries we serve

Our customers - major players in factory building and automation services, such as ThyssenKrupp, Durr or Daimler.

We produce various steel components and structures, but Aumeta mostly delivers welded and machined frames and mounting parts used in production assembly lines.
Heavy machinery
The parts we produce are used in heavy machines working in mining and agricultular industries.

The list of parts we deliver is very diverse, starting with small machined components produced in high quantity batches and ending up with large welded and machined components, e.g. mounting brackets, buckets, adapters and so on.
Automation is the future on manufacturing and we are proud to supply leading companies in machine-tool and welding automation.

We manufacture machined steel components as well as main welded structures of the automation lines. We also produce fully assembled conveyors as well as other mechanical assemblies.
Coincidentally there are only two closed-forging companies in the Baltic States - our own one (Forge LT) and subsidiary of CIE Automotive.

We produce tooling, moulds, inspection equipment and gauges as well as renovate current equipment. We also CNC machine the forgings and deliver as final items to the end-customer.
We are proud to supply to metallurgy sector it's has been almost 20 years since our first delivery to a manufacturer of metallurgy machines.

For all these years we have been supplying all kinds of components, welded structures as well as sub-assemblies.
Heavy industry
There are many other companies which may not be our largest customers, but also have their needs which we gladly fullfill.

That includes production of components, welded steel structures, standardized items, repair and renovation work and even design.

Other value-adding services

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