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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your main production expertise?
We are most experienced when it comes to production of project-based welded machined steel structures as well as flame-cut and machined components of medium complexity and precision.
What's the maximum size units you can produce?
As far as welded and machined structures goes, our maximum size is 4200x2100x1070 mm (milling) and Ø1000x5000 mm (turning).
Mechanically assembled units can be as large as 8000 x 3000 x 2000 mm in size ant up to 5 tons in weight.
What's your normal delivery leadtime?
Our target delivery lead time is between 4-6 weeks depending on project size. In 90% cases that's what are able to achieve.
How much time do you need to quote an inquiry?
Completely depends on how big the project is, but it's usually between 2-5 days.
Do you have any certificates?
Yes, these are our certificates:

› ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management
› ISO14001:2015 - Enviromental Management
› ISO EN3834-2 - Welding Procedures
› ISO ISO EN9606-1 - Welding Qualification
What kind of surface treatment are you able to provide?
In-house surface treatment:
› Wet-painting using polyurethane or water-based paint according to customer's requirements;
› Hardening up to 60 HRC;

Possibilities to outsource:
› Powder-coating;
› Zinc, nickel, chrome plating;
› Blackening and phosphating;
What are your references?
Most of our production is exported to Sweden, Finland and Germany, to various manufacturers of automation solutions and heavy machinery. For specific reference list of companies please contact our sales team!