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Big enough to deliver, but small enough to care. Learn about us and the team.

Company in brief

Aumeta is a family-owned Lithuanian contract manufacturer of industrial steel components and machinery with more than 25 years of experience in the business with a team of around 65 people. We export more than 75% of all production to Finland, Sweden and Germany.

Throughout the years we have been entirely focusing on close partnerships, doing our best to grow and improve together. That is still our core value as a business and what we are offering in today's extremely competitive market.

Even more than ever our team is mostly motivated by the idea that we can inspire and sometimes amaze our partners with improvements of our company as well as new engineering ideas which we are eager to share.


Values, mission and inspiration

Mutual trust, fair and ethical business practises, focus on long-term relationship as well as flexibility - these are our values and what we expect from our business partners. That forms our company mission - operate on the highest professional level and ensure 100% mutual-trust between us and our long-term partners.

As we like to believe, we are a bit unique in terms of our inspirations. Although there are many great companies in metalworking industry, we are mostly inspired by companies working in IT, software and game development. Why? Because most of our strategic development plans evolve around digitalization and we must be inspired by the leaders in it.

Years in the business
Experienced professionals
Exported to European Union
Commitment to partnership

Quality management

As per our ISO9001:2015 certification and internal quality management system, the quality assurance process is documented in great detail and provides multiple points of inspection which ensure that all of the quality requirements are met at every stage.

Our quality inspectors carry out inspections of raw materials, welding quality, tolerances of machining requirements, painting specifications, assembly and other sensitive production points.

Inspection equipment and tools are regulary calibrated according to manufacturer’s recommendations and/or instructions. To avoid any use of faulty inspection equipment in the workshop, we inspect the condition of every quality tool on daily basis.

Our attitude

Our attitude towards quality is simple - customers expect the top-quality deliveries from us and this is what we are determined to continue doing and maintain our long-lasting partnerships for many years in the future.

To achieve this, everybody is actively involved in continuously working together to investigate every quality issue we have encountered and find a way how to avoid similar problems in the future.

Although we believe that people will always make mistakes, our main responsability as organization is to eliminate this factor as much as possible, at every step of company’s processes and ultimately provide faultless production capabilities.


Quality management
Enviromental management
Welding procedures
Welding qualification



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