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Invest into your research and creativity. Let us take care of the manufacturing.

The company

Aumeta is one of the most versatile machine-building and welding/machining shop in Lithuania with 25+ years of experience and 75+ percent of exports to Sweden, Finland and Germany. The company is a classic family business hiring more than 65 engineers, welders and machinists generating around 2.8M Euros revenue annualy.

All these years we have been focusing on long-term partnership and mutual-growth, which remain to be our core values as a business and role in today's competitive market. Even more than ever our team is mostly motivated by the idea that we can inspire and sometimes amaze our own partners with continious improvements of our company as well as new engineering ideas.



As a spirited and highly motivated team, we truly believe that in this conservative machine-building industry we have tons of potential for improvements in how this business is being done. Our development plans are focused on digitalization, information control, business intelligence, automation with a clear realization timeline which we are always eager to share with our partners.

Although leaders in our industry inspire us, our main sources for inspiration comes from very different businesses - software development, smart devices, gaming and automation industries. We understand that if we want to grow and compete on the highest level, it's completely up to us to pioneer ideas, take risky approaches, make them work in real-life and hopefully, inspire our partners to follow our lead.

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Our attitude

Our attitude towards quality is simple - customers expect the top-quality deliveries from us and this is what we are determined to continue doing to maintain our long-lasting partnerships for many years in the future.

To achieve this, everybody is actively involved in continuously working together to investigate every quality issue we have encountered and find a way how to avoid similar problems in the future.

Although we believe that people will always make mistakes, our main responsability as organization is to eliminate this factor as much as possible, at every step of company’s processes and ultimately provide faultless production capabilities.


Quality assurance

As per our ISO9001:2015 certification and internal quality management system, the quality assurance process is documented in great detail and provides multiple points of inspection which ensure that all of the quality requirements are met at every stage.

Our quality inspectors carry out inspections of raw materials, welding quality, tolerances of machining requirements, painting specifications, assembly and other sensitive production points.

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